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We are The Change

Empowering Afghanistan, Igniting Change.

AREDO: Your Path to Impactful Collaboration

Igniting Empowerment, Transforming Communities, Driving Positive Change in Afghanistan through Innovative Research, Education, and Development Initiatives.

Pioneering Solutions

AREDO leads with innovative approaches, driving solutions that pioneer positive change in complex societal challenges.

Transforming Impact

With a commitment to research and education, AREDO ensures its initiatives have a transformative impact on individuals and communities.

Empowering Communities

AREDO focuses on empowering local communities, fostering inclusivity, and creating opportunities for sustainable development.

Shaping Sustainable Futures

By combining research-driven insights with educational initiatives, AREDO actively contributes to shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future for Afghanistan.

Game-Changer Moments: Our Vital Impact

Crafting Years of Impactful Solutions, Building Resilient Communities, and Illuminating Afghanistan's Path to Progress!


Adult Learning and Education Facilitation

Women’s adult literacy, numeracy, civic education, basic teaching of what a modern society awareness, child protection, first aid awareness, basic communication and technological communication, and peacebuilding classes are taught in two historically marginalized communities in Kabul by community members using participatory or dialogue education methodology.


Afghan Youth Peace Builders

Afghan Youth Peace Builders is an endeavor to a permanently in peace future Afghanistan, a process that focuses on conflict resolution, interpersonal conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, dialogue, conflict analysis tools and methods and civil communication skills. The project covers three highly populated provinces namely Kabul, Kandahar and Balkh. For a better outcome, the participants are university students.


Afghan Orphan Support

In our unwavering commitment to compassion, AREDO proudly spearheads a transformative project — building not just an orphanage but nurturing dreams. Through dedicated efforts, we are not only constructing shelter but fostering education, ensuring every child finds a haven of love and a gateway to a brighter future. Together, we’re building more than structures; we’re crafting hope, resilience, and a legacy of care for generations to come.

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Orphans Accommodation and Schooling

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Meet Our Brains

Masterminds Crafting Magic: Our Project Maestros Unleash Excellence!

Nangialay Hamraz

Executive Director

Our visionary Executive Director and master of leadership. With a compass for compassion and a torch for transformative leadership, Nangialay shapes a path where empowerment meets innovation. Leading with purpose and prowess, he's not just steering the ship; he's navigating change, igniting impact, and sculpting a brighter tomorrow.

Karima Ghafoori

Board Director

Our guiding force and Board Director extraordinaire. With a blend of wisdom and passion, she weaves a tapestry of strategic vision for AREDO. A powerhouse in board leadership, she drives our mission forward, turning dreams into impactful realities. Karima – where insight meets inspiration, fostering a future of empowerment.

Brishna Qaderi

Project Manager

Our Project Maestro at AREDO. With a keen eye for detail and a heart dedicated to community impact, she orchestrates projects with finesse. A powerhouse of organization and compassion, she ensures every endeavor resonates with empowerment. Shaima – where projects find purpose and communities find hope.

Hedayatullah Zaheb

Development Director

Armed with a B-tech brilliance and the author of six enlightening books, he fuels our mission with innovation and wisdom. A maestro in merging technology with purpose, he drives our developmental initiatives with a flair for progress and a library of inspiration. Zaheb – where words weave worlds.


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Voices of Impact: Testimonials that Tell Our Story

Discover the Transformative Journeys and Inspiring Stories Shared by Those Touched by AREDO's Work.

Dr Emily Allan Peace-building Director International Assistance Mission

Over a number of years I have personally witnessed AREDO doing good constructive work for the people of Afghanistan. The organization that I worked in, International Assistance Mission partnered with AREDO and they worked together on a Youth Peace Building Project. The project duration was: from the 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019. At no time did have I have issues with the manner or quality of the work of AREDO.

Basharmal HR & Operations Manager Hope for Life Microfinance Co

Rayan Organization conducted their Leadership Training course for the female staff of Hope for Life Microfinance Co. (HFL) in June –July 2013. ” HFL will continue its partnership with Rayan, next inviting the team to give the same training to the male staff. I can personally recommend the professionalism, optimism, and commitment of Afghan Rayan Educational & Development Organization team.

Kelly Hale MCC Representative to Afghanistan

The Afghan organization AREDO has been our partner since their inception in 2017. They have successfully received funds and implemented excellent project work in partnership with MCC. The current ongoing project’s duration is from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2021 and the total amount of funding is: USD $127,598.90. We have never had any cause to be unsatisfied with the methods or quality of their work.

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