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Overview of our Programs

AREDO's dynamic programs: transforming lives, fostering peace, and nurturing a brighter future for all.

AREDO's Sphere of Influence

Elevating Change: Where Expertise Meets Impact

Women Empowerment

Fueling change with every stride, our Women Empowerment initiatives redefine futures and spark transformative journeys for women.

Education for All

Illuminating minds and breaking barriers, our Education for All crusade unlocks untapped potential, one mind at a time.

Youth Empowerment

Nurturing youthful dreams into empowered realities, our Youth Empowerment initiative lights the path to a brighter tomorrow.


Community Development

Crafting a brighter tomorrow, we forge today's communities into resilient hubs of growth and harmony through our Community Development initiatives.


Peace-Building Initiatives

Fostering tranquility, our Peace-Building Initiatives sow the seeds of harmony in every heart and peace in every step, weaving a tapestry of unity for a brighter future.


Child Support

Empowering children, our Child Support program nurtures futures one child at a time, painting a canvas of hope and promise for the generations to come.

Overview of our Programs

AREDO's dynamic programs: transforming lives, fostering peace, and nurturing a brighter future for all.

Step into the world of ALEF, where literacy isn’t just letters; it’s empowerment, enlightenment, and a journey of profound change. 🌟 ALEF, meaning “first letter of Alphabet” in Dari, isn’t just a project; it’s a beacon of opportunity.

📚 Unlocking Literacy: ALEF goes beyond alphabets, crafting an interactive space where women in Kabul discover the power of words, numbers, and civic education. From the basics to advanced skills, ALEF’s Learning Circles embrace lifelong learning.

🌐 Tech and Peace: In the heart of historically marginalized communities, ALEF introduces technological communication, child protection, and peacebuilding. It’s not just about education; it’s about shaping resilient, informed communities.

👩‍🏫 Empowering Facilitators: ALEF isn’t just a student’s journey; it’s a facilitator’s growth. Our educators evolve through participatory methodologies, creating a ripple effect of impactful teaching.

In the symphony of empowerment, AREDO conducts the ALEF Project—a harmonious blend of education and lifelong learning. 🎓 Nestled in the heart of Kabul, ALEF is a transformative melody that resonates through marginalized communities.  Learning circles become a living testament to ongoing growth.

Join ALEF, where every lesson echoes with empowerment, where every circle is a step toward a brighter, knowledgeable future. Together, we illuminate minds and transform lives. ALEF: More than literacy; it’s a lifeline of learning!

In the symphony of societal change, AREDO orchestrates peace. 🕊️ Welcome to our Peace-Building Project, where every initiative is a note, resonating through communities, creating a melody of unity.

🌍 From Kabul, With Peace: In the heart of Afghanistan, our project isn’t just about conflict resolution; it’s a composition of understanding, dialogue, and reconciliation. We believe in the power of peaceful harmonies.

👥 Community Connection: Engaging with local leaders and influencers, we weave a tapestry of cooperation. Our project doesn’t just build peace; it builds bridges between hearts, fostering understanding and empathy.

🕊️ Training for Transformation: Through conflict transformation skills, we equip individuals with the tools to turn discord into concord. It’s not just about avoiding conflicts; it’s about transforming them into opportunities for growth.

🌈 Peace Beyond Borders: Beyond the boundaries of Kabul, our project sends ripples of peace, creating a network of change that transcends borders. Peace isn’t confined; it’s expansive, touching lives far and wide.

Join AREDO in a journey where every effort is a brushstroke on the canvas of tranquility. Peace isn’t just our project; it’s our commitment. Harmony Unleashed: because every community deserves to thrive in peace.

In the embrace of compassion, AREDO welcomes you to our Orphanage Project—a sanctuary where every brick is a promise, and every room echoes with the laughter of hopeful hearts.

🏡 Home for Hearts: Our Orphanage Project isn’t just about shelter; it’s a haven where orphaned dreams find refuge. Each corner is a canvas, painting stories of resilience and joy.

👧👦 Education Blooms: In the nurturing embrace of AREDO, orphans aren’t just cared for; they’re educated, empowered, and prepared for a future filled with possibilities. Education is not just a gift; it’s their right.

🌈 A Ray of Family: Beyond the walls, our orphanage isn’t just an institution; it’s a family. Every child finds not just caretakers but mentors, not just friends but siblings, creating bonds that last a lifetime.

🌍 Global Impact: Our project reaches beyond local boundaries, symbolizing a global commitment to uplifting young lives. It’s not just about building an orphanage; it’s about constructing bridges to brighter futures.

Join us in this journey of compassion, where every contribution builds not just a structure but a home, where every effort transforms not just a life but a legacy. AREDO’s Orphanage Project: where dreams find a home. 🌟

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